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What does your service include?

Proofreading includes: 

  • Detailed feedback for improvement
  • fixing grammar issues  
  • correcting spelling errors 
  • ensuring correct punctuation
  • ensuring that sentence structure is appropriate
  • ensuring that the tone and style is appropriate
  • ensuring that vocabulary is correctly used checking to avoid repetition
  • checking the format of the document is consistent with the requirement
  • Checking the format of reference

Why Choose Us?

English Laoshi is a trusted and legally registered UK company.

This means that English Laoshi is a legally operating company in the UK. We are obliged to provide the best service to our clients in strict compliance with UK law

Your assignment will be proofread not only once, but twice, by two professional proofreaders.

Every assignment delivered to us will be proofread by two rigorously vetted proofreaders. Improving the quality of your work and minimizing errors is English Laoshi’s founding mission.

We have an experienced team of British proofreaders with PHD or Masters certifications.

Your work will be proofread by an expert proofreader with a relevant qualification in the same field of study. 

Upload Files

How ​​do I send my file?

After you upload the file to our system, click here, and input your personal data the screen will automatically jump to the order page. On this page, you can see the price automatically calculated for you by the system. After confirming the price, you can upload and pay directly on this page.

Can I upload the file as separate files?

English Laoshi recommends uploading the complete file to reduce the number of your orders, but if the documents cannot be combined, you can upload the documents separately by creating multiple orders.

What file formats can the system support?

English Laoshi’s system supports .docx, .doc and Open Office documents. 

Can I upload PDF files?
Only **one document** can be uploaded per order.   很遗憾,我们目前只支持.docx、.doc 和Open Office 文件。
Can I upload PDF files?

Unfortunately, we currently only support .docx, .doc and Open Office files.

Privacy and Legality

Proofreading is widely accepted and even encouraged by numerous universities. English Laoshi provides proofreading services, but does not provide essay writing services. Therefore, after proofreading by us, you are still the author of their paper/assignment. During the proofreading process, we will correct the spelling, grammar, wording, and modify the sentence structure and the overall logic and structure of the article to improve fluency and readability.

*In order to avoid violating the relevant regulations of the university, English Laoshi recommends that customers check the proofreading policy of their university before seeking proofreading services.

Can I get the direct contact details of the proofreaders?

Unfortunately, in order to protect the personal privacy and confidentiality of our proofreaders, English Laoshi cannot disclose the proofreader’s contact information. If you have any questions, please contact us directly, we will arrange someone to serve you as soon as possible.

Payments and Refunds

How do I pay?

Support Paypal, UK bank transfer, Alipay; in addition, we also accept debit or credit card payments


Can I pay with Alipay?

OK. However, using Alipay will incur an additional 5% currency exchange fee.

How to get discount?

Use a discount code.

English Laoshi hosts seasonal promotions offering customers great discounts.

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