PPE: Example Personal Statement 

They all act selfishly: corrupt politicians, vulture funds, and the average voter. Although this may be an allegation, it is undeniable that temporal comfort is more often than not chosen over the possibility to provide a better future. I see this in abundance in politics and not seldom economic intentions are behind it. I want to understand such processes through studying how economics and politics influence each other. Are economics the cause for political actions or is it the other way around?

In the first chapter of his book “Der schmale Grat der Hoffnung”, Jean Ziegler uses the process of vulture funds bankrupting entire states as an example of the most powerful people’s selfish actions. I found this intriguing in two ways: first, such morally unjustifiable actions anger me; second, from an objective point of view, it is fascinating how different interests clash and few influential people have significant impacts on a global level. Globalization has reached an intense form today; economies are so tightly connected, that one action leads into numerous others. Ziegler’s life inspires me since it resembles my interests and goals. After finishing a bachelor and master related to economics, I would like to work in an international political environment, for example as an ambassador, or in a non-governmental organisation.

 As an elected municipal youth councillor, I experience political issues livelier than just through the news. Shortly before the German Bundestag elections, the set-up of a panel discussion gave me the opportunity to carry on a conversation with our constituency’s candidate of the CDU, Steffen Bilger, now Parliamentary State Secretary, about nationalism, the refugee crisis, and the EU. Although I do not agree with substantial points of the party’s agenda, I enjoy hearing a professional perspective. Through evaluating other opinions in addition to gathering facts and figures, I form my opinion. Instituting the Euro in 1999 was a step towards a united Europe, which I support in principle. Reading the third chapter in “Machtbeben” by Dirk Mueller, I reassessed this step. In order to push the European economy through a common currency, the member states have to be on similar levels. Otherwise, the Target2-Balances keep drifting apart. This demonstrates the importance of attuning political decisions to economic facts.

In contrast to politics, in mathematics, there is only right or wrong. The pure logic and absoluteness of numbers form the antipole to the relativeness of politics. Having Mathematics as a main subject for the German Abitur, I enjoy dealing with it on an advanced level. The curricular is not focused on one aspect but covers a broad area. Consequently, I am comfortable in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analysis, Probability, and Statistics, which are crucial skills for studying Economics.

My duties as head girl include confidently talking in front of a big audience and conducting meetings. Being elected into the school’s committee and the Youth Council, I worked with the school’s headmaster and the mayor on several occasions. I can easily transfer these skills and use them for group projects, presentations, and working with professors. For nine years, the participation in an orchestra as the first flute and dancing Ballet was a great opportunity to meet and work with different types of people.

The award-winning professors, small student-teacher-ratios, and international reputation are the reasons for choosing the UK as my destination. Due to being in a bilingual class, in which several subjects such as History and Politics were taught in English, as well as writing a 30-page long research paper on Viticulture in Europe, I am fluent in spoken and written English. As an official proof of my English skills, I scored 115 out of 120 points on the TOEFL iBT in September 2018. With English as tie point, I am eager to live with inquisitive individuals and study the links between economics and society.